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"Forgiveness Is The Greatest Gift Of All".

~I may know the answers...Journeys over snow and sand...
What twist in fate has brought us, to tread upon this land?~

Welcome to my unicorn and pegasus gallery!
I have always loved unicorns and wanted to share my collection of images with everyone.
I have always believed that unicorns once existed, and maybe they still do,
that they are out there watching us, waiting for the day when we will be ready for them.
Maybe when we stop hurting eachother, when we start treating eachother with kindness.
That's what the unicorn is all about, love, kindness, and peace.
Maybe, just maybe someday, they will return to us, and bestow their gift of beauty upon us.
I know that, if that day should ever come, I will hopefully be there, and the tears will be streaming down my cheeks as I behold them in all of their wonderous, magical splendor!
Until then, the unicorn will live forever in my heart and in my dreams....I think it should start right here though, the quest to bring them back to us.
Maybe we ourselves should be more like the unicorn.
Unicorns don't see skin colors, for they know, that all others feel the same, love the same, and have the same color of blood, and die the same.
Unicorns do not hurt other creatures for fun, or laugh at someone who is different.
Unicorns value life, ALL life be it great like a mighty elephant, or small like a tiny ant.
Unicorns do not dump their young in garbage cans,
or beat on them until they die, or starve them.
Unicorns do not kill eachother.
Unicorns are love, and if I could be a unicorn,
I would gladly become one, for they are the most
beautiful and loving of all the creatures in the world.
I hope you enjoy your stay!

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